Since April 2015, I’ve been working on an employee management system.

At first, it was meant for internal use in a single company only. The employees needed a system to keep track of the tasks that needed doing, with the responses either being “Done”, a picture, or a comment. Their supervisor can check them doing these tasks in real time, and rate them after they complete that assignment.
I worked on this with an app developer, who sadly quit the job halfway through the process. This meant I had to translate his work into a web app, and learn how to use javascript for a more smooth user experience.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.52.44

After a while, my boss realized that this system could be useful in other scenarios than his cleaning company, so we started brain storming ways to make it more accessible, other features, the cost, the look, how to appeal to other customers… and who those other customers even were!

After half a year of developing the website, we’re almost ready to launch!
We made a nice landing page, a solid payment system using Stripe, and a more user friendly layout (I hope!), so the people using Trust Task won’t need a personal tutorial from me to work it.

Check it out!

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