Did you know that there’s an island two times larger than Texas floating around in the Pacific Ocean made entirely of garbage?

If you’re anything like me, then yeah, probably. However this island sort of reached the status of urban myth, especially for Europeans, who are so far removed from the issue.

However, Denmark is one of the worst offenders when it comes to garbage, producing 747kg pr. citizen annually – more than any other European country. We need to do better.

Trash Olympics is a weekend of sports, info, and fun with a trashy twist in central Copenhagen. We will invite famous swimmers to compete in diving, water polo, swimming, and synchronized swimming in pools filled with plastic trash in Islands Brygge.

The idea is that this visceral image of swimmers struggling to move through trash will spark a conversation among the people watching the competetion. We will transmit the event on DR Ultra, specifically targeting kids old enough to understand the implications of our campaign. They will work as the entry point into the families of Denmark.

“Why are they swimming around in trash, mom?”

We are hoping the parents will have picked up enough of the information we provide during the campaign to answer talk about this issue in a meaningful way.

This podcast is a suggestion as to how we could reach those parents, through a mix of casual fun and “dry” facts. Each episode will explore a different aspect of ocean trash:
Environmentalists, Olympic Swimmers, Marine Biologists, Divers, Commercial Fishermen, and so on will each have unique insights that the charismatic hosts will help communicate to the listeners.