The furniture workshop PP Møbler was established in 1953, and is renowned for their collaboration with Danish designer Hans J. Wegner.
When their partnership became serious, Wegner designed a custom typeface for PP Møbler, that has since been replaced with the more modern-looking Helvetica in all promotional material.

I thought it would be nice for the company to have a digital version of their old font, in case they wanted to pay tribute to their history with Wegner, or eventually make a throwback design on their website. There’s loads of opportunities to use a part of their past to market themselves.

Evidence of PP Møbler’s past typeface

Their director, Kasper Holst Pedersen, had the same idea once, and had gathered several notes like the one above. He had begun to trace the letters in Illustrator. I finished the task, and re-drew them in a fontmaker, to find the correct shape of each letter, and adjust kerning and line height.

The process of translating the typeface included plenty of back and forth adjustments, checking whether it was legible and luxurious, like the older version.

PP Møbler 130 Circle Chair
The result. Crisp, right?