mikroplast plastikviden.dk

The National Plastic Center in Denmark launched a website with general knowledge about plastic and recycling for the general public.

My colleagues at Viegand Maagøe worked on turning complex information about complicated processes and information into some handy tips and memorable facts, in these five categories:

  • Raw materials
  • Production and Design
  • Purchase
  • Use of products
  • Trash and recycling

We also worked on a little interactive quiz, so the user can see what kind of consumer they might be, along with other sub-sites about plastic-related information, such as micro plastic, bio plastics and where to use it, and a whole section for businesses

This wheel serves as the main navigation on the website

Helpful graphics

My role in the project was adding graphics to support the knowledge conveyed on Plastikviden.dk, and creating a look that worked well with the bright colors of the “navigation wheel”, which serves as the main visual component of the site.

I created a bunch of stylized plastic objects using a limited blue palette, that wouldn’t clash with the other colors of the site, and wouldn’t make the plastic look as outright toxic as the general public might suspect it of being.

See more at www.plastikviden.dk – the site launched on March 4th 2020.