Portfolio of Aleksander Samuel

Before this wordpress existed, my school had me code my very own responsive portfolio using HTML and CSS. Honestly I prefer doing all the work myself to using a preexisting CMS, which is probably because of my background in web development.

I gave myself the challenge of creating hexagonal images only using CSS, and using gradients on my fonts. Turns out hexagons are sort of easy to create, but hard to fit into a grid due to the very specific way they fit together. I ended up finding a preexisting piece of code that I had to modify a bit to fit my initial vision.
Apparently text doesn’t fully support being colored in gradients in any browser yet, so I wound up doing the easy thing, and making my header title an image, and the menu items a solid color from a stop at the main gradient of the site.

After I saw the things my classmates did with their sites, I sort of regret not adding more fancy effects to mine, such as hover, little animations, or some other little sparkly thing to grab visitor’s attention.

See the site here