Working within the framework of TBWA, my group and I were tasked with creating a new approach for Mercedes-Benz trucks in Denmark. After a thorough research phase, which involved infiltrating a very active Facebook group, an online questionaire with 400+ trucker respondents, and several articles on the subject, we ended up with this insight:

In ten years, there will be no need for truckers.

Scary, right?
Uber is already using self-driving trucks in Arizona, though they won’t say how many, how often, or where they are now using them, we know the machines are among us. Soon they will replace human truckers as we know them.

TBWA named Rise of the Machines as an emerging trend.

Mercedes-Benz has a long history of innovation. They famously patented the first engine operated automobile in 1886, and have continued to improve upon car technology ever since. Their products are known as fancy, luxurious cars with reliability to warrant their high price tags.

The juxtaposition between luxurious cars and autonomous trucks places Mercedes-Benz in a weird place. We concluded that the stubborn, no-nonsense truckers would prefer the hard truth, rather than vague marketing. To accomplish this, we made this draft for an ad:

By investing in a Mercedes-Benz truck, you are investing in a future where human contact is still a priority. You are rebelling against the efficient robots that are already taking over your jobs. And Mercedes-Benz is your ally.