led light bulb

There are plenty of great reasons to make the switch from regular light bulbs to LED, long-time cost merely being one of them.

Short animation to explain the concept

I was tasked with conveying the information offered on this website in a more appealing way, to better reach the Danish population. The department of energy currently offers plenty of useful facts about sustainable lighting, but current setup leaves something to be desired.

The same video as it would appear on Facebook

There’s obviously a lot of important numbers and specs to delve into, but I think the most manageable way to understand the information for the common citizen is a visual presentation that will then pique their interest.

Infographic comparing three different types of light bulbs

Here I am trying to clearly highlight the benefits of LED light bulbs, by showing their range, color quality, reduced cost, and longevity compared to other common light bulbs. It was important for me that the LED column immediately looks more “full” than the others, so the audience can quickly grasp that there’s more to gain from choosing that option.

  • Broad range of color temperature
  • Best long term cost efficiancy
  • Color rendering is at 95%, which means it is reproduced accurately
  • Lasts approximately 10-15 years

It was important to me not just to repeat the bright, clean, almost sterile look of the current website. I want to add a splash of color and contrast to the world, and to me it doesn’t make sense to talk about lighting without having a bit of darkness around.