Purpose of the event

Making guests dream of the future instead of anxiously dreading it, with a conference about space travel

Most fiction today is dystopian by nature, and since this generation will most likely know space exclusively through these stories, I sense a general apathy towards the future possibilites. Particularly space travel seems hopeless.

“Does it cause pollution?”
“Can you survive in space?”
“Won’t you become depressed by living alone on a space station?”
“When will the apocalyptic comet destroy Earth?”

Infinity and Beyond is meant to show that space travel is possible, and that they aren’t “just” an escape from the problems on Earth. They are the next step in the history of humanity, and an expansion of our joined horizons.

Press release

Infinity and Beyond – Space Travel in the 21st Century

Dozens of colourful figures from the world of science, engineering, and art will shed a light on the unfathomable possibilities of space travel: from short trips around the moon, to actually colonising Mars and settling for good.

Space is no longer the final frontier. Interplanetary tourism will soon be a reality, which opens the possibilities of climbing the Olympus Mons on Mars or seeing the American flag planted on the Moon.

You will have the opportunity to explore space through panels and discussions, workshops, demonstrations, hands-on-trials, and space shuttle cuisine.


Recommended ages 8+




April 22, 2017