four teenage monsters

These four beauties are awkward monsters from the 90s, who want to party hard.
They’re for an interactive group project about teenage alchohol culture, and specifically how to properly talk to your kid about drinking responsibly.

We chose to draw a monster each, and then pick the most pathethic-looking one as the teen, who would act as the player’s own kid in each scenario. This way all of us could contribute a character for the project without our individual styles mattering too much, or having the gender or skin color breaking immersion for the player, who we’d hope would feel parental towards the monster.
The kid is the purple slimy one waving.
Mine is the tentacled one to the right, who sort of has the same color scheme as Crash Bandicoot.

Try the game here – it’s in Danish
username: keammd
password: kode2015

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