dr oetker rainbow cake pride

Case: Colorful cakes for a colorful demographic

I was growing tired of companies desperately trying to pinkwash themselves in the most contrived of ways, so I was trying to find a possible candidate who’d fit as a natural supporter of Copenhagen Pride.

Using the TBWA trend tool Edges, I discovered a simple approach Dr. Oetker could use to position themselves as a sponsor or supporter without appearing desperate.

Pluralism is an ongoing trend in culture

Cakes are colorful, and through social media profiles such as Tasty, they’ve grown more impressive than ever. We want to bake the beautiful creations we see online ourselves, and during Pride, we want to bake rainbow cakes!

Not only that, homosexuality and cakes has been in the media spotlight after a bakery in Colorado refused to make a gay wedding cake. Through supporting a celebration like Pride, Dr. Oetker would stand out from other companies as being more inclusive and progressive.

Example of simple social media posts connecting Dr. Oetker with Pride

I offered up a selection of posts to use on Dr. Oetker’s Danish bakery profile “Kagerullen”, that they could share in the week leading up to Pride, encouring the gays to go all out, and make fancy cakes for brunch before the parade, using the tagline: Pride – we got you covered

Two men on top of a wedding cake, celebrating love

Obviously this is a ploy to attract pink dollars, but the Dr. Oetker’s aesthetic fits with the LGBTQ+ community, who already uses their products to celebrate love – so Dr. Oetker might as well show a bit of appreciation for their customers living their best life.
It’s about meeting their demographic on their turf.