devil dimension

Devil Dimension is a challenging single player shoot ’em up game for desktop browsers, heavily inspired by the original Space Invaders, The Divine Comedy, and the Diablo franchise.

devil dimension gif demon baal

The player controls a small rocket on a journey through the nine concentric circles of suffering located outside of the safe confines of Earth’s atmosphere, gradually increasing in wickedness.

The main objective of Devil Dimension is to subject the player to an intense feeling of stress, without sacrificing playability and a sense of fun. Devil Dimension is meant to be hard.

The visuals for the game are inspired by adult mid-90s video games, such as Diablo (1996), Phantasmagoria (1995), and Doom (1993), mixed with the classic pixel art of Space Invaders (1978). So, lots of demons, gore, explosions and dark colors.
Influences for our audio is a mix of retro gaming sound effects and the demonic trance music produced by D-Devils in the 90s; our game’s voiceover is heavily inspired by the deep growl of their Satan.

We hope this appeals to our target demographic of hardcore achievers, whom are geeky and old enough to have played games that share this aesthetic and unforgiving difficulty curve. Our players aren’t playing to express themselves, or if they are, they’re expressing their superiority through high scores. Constantly chasing the next big challenge.

Our development team made one demo stage to test if we are able to appeal to the hardcore gamer (Achievers), by hitting that sweet spot between pleasure and punishment, that makes one come back to beat the high score and reach the ending.

Play Devil Dimension here (desktop only)