Cinnober Redesign

Having spent a few weeks getting acquainted with HTML and CSS, our teachers felt it was time to put our skills to good use. Our task was to redesign an existing web store as a group project.

I have never truly worked with anyone closely on a web project before, so even though I’m not a newcomer when it comes to the technical side of developing websites, I am when it comes to team work, and how to implement each member’s contributions.

It was fun. We chose the art book/print/curiosa store Cinnober for our assignment, and struggled to understand exactly what kind of store they wanted to be. On one hand, they appear to host events quite a lot, and the displayed goods in their web store resembles a museum gift shop more than a book store.

We agreed that we would focus on creating a blog and calendar for their events which would mark Cinnober as a serious player on the art scene and give people a reason to check their site more often, instead of the weird newsletter archive they have now.
Their way of organizing different item groups also seemed too elaborate and arbitrary, so we narrowed it down to four different types instead of eleven, to make it less confusing for their customers.

Check out the result here, the user is keammd and password is kode2015

I helped my teammates make most of the code, and made a few fixes for aesthetic reasons, but other than that I spent most of my time worrying about the visual aspect of the site.