A project about creating our own WordPress concept in collaboration with an outside agent. We chose to work with limited edition art prints, made by a mix of up-and-coming and established artists all interpreting the same theme.
Every ten weeks we’d rotate the roster and the theme and release ten new prints, which would give our business a natural flow of content to upload and promote on social media.

We encouraged everyone to interact with us on our fake Facebook page and equally fake Instagram as though we were a real business, which included seeing which kind of updates got the widest reach, how to respond to comments and criticism, as well as market our products in a fun and engaging manner.

For the WordPress site, we carefully worked to present our concept in a clear and enticing way, so both potential artists and customers would find ArtisTEN worthwhile.

Because our particular idea included a shop element, we decided to experiment with the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, to play around with handling a product in a realistic web shop setting. This meant we had to consider things such as shipping, product images, packaging, weight, stock handling, possibility of refunds… all sorts of stuff that was honestly out of scope for this assignment.