Cambodia is currently one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Their prime minister, Hun Sen, has been in office since 1985, which makes him the longest sitting prime minister in the world. Under his rule opposing party leaders and activists have been imprisoned, and the press law states that “the media should not publish anything that may harm political stability and national security”, which makes it hard to publish critical journalism for the public.

Last general election the opposing party received an unprecedented amount of votes, which most sources attribute to access to social media as an independent news source and means of communication.
Next general election is in 2018, which and this provides a great opportunity for the public to combat the corruption they struggle with. is a learning platform primarily targeted towards NGOs, offering courses on such things as managing micro-economies, anti-corruption, and proper mine sweeping techniques. Their current website is a bit of a mess. A potential partner has a hard time decoding their purpose and types of education they offer.

I created a new landing page for them, to better appeal to new partners. Furthermore I suggest they offer a free trial course, Internet 101, to give an idea of their approach to e-learning. I image it would cover areas such as information gathering, reliable sources, anonymous vs. public profiles, and posting online.
This particular subject is highly relevant for NGOs in Cambodia, but also for anyone using the internet to communicate and as a source for information.

See my suggestion here