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Learner-centered approach: The engagement and critical reflection of our learners is central to what we do, so we always start with a user-driven workshop to truly understand their needs (sometimes different to what we expect). This ensures that each project that we deliver gives true meaning to the people we are designing it for.

Blended learning

Training doesn’t have to be expensive or long. But whether it’s online or real-time, face-to-face or moderated, we passionately believe in using different learning environments to help retain the information we are providing.


We will find the best people to collaborate with. Whether that’s a university, the founder of a methodology, another NGO, a subject matter expert, or a private sector firm who shares our values, we build strategic partnerships and invite them to join our vision.


We know that every penny on a project needs to be well-spent, so we have copywriters and interaction designers in-house, which can cut down costs dramatically. And because each project is different, we ensure the right blend of experts create each of our bespoke courses.

Featured Courses

We frequently partner with universities and other educational institutions to ensure our work is based on the latest learning research. And with every project, we ask questions – what are the coolest games for kids age 6-12 or how much internet access do our partners in war-torn areas really have? With each new project we challenge assumptions so we can design the most effective courses we can.

Accountability in Action

In this on-demand webinar series you will be introduced to basic accountability principles and a variety of related themes like accountability in partnerships, alliances, conflict settings and its impact

Core Humanitarian Standard

The training course will take you through all 9 commitments of the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) presenting the key message of each and highlighting differences from the preceding Humanitarian Accountability.


We know, that we continuously are in situations where the principles of anti-corruption are not that straight forward to apply, and where we feel in doubt about how to make the right decision.

Disaster Risk Reduction

This course on Disaster Risk Reduction gives you some of the key skills for working with Disaster Risk Reduction - even if you are a development practitioner.

Village Savings and Loan

This VSLA training includes a simulation of a full VSLA cycle and also some video trainings in the different important elements of the VSLA methodology. The simulation and training has been based solely on the "Field Officer Training Guide" published by VSL Associates.

Responsible Investments: Food for All

Live-streamed debate on responsible investments for the realisation of the right to food for all. The event was a high-level debate with a number of key experts and practitioners on this global challenge, including Mr. Olivier de Schutter, the former UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food.

Free demo course on how to navigate the web responsibly.
Especially useful when working in areas with high levels of corruption.
Internet 101
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About ActLearn

We are powered by Learning Lab, which is a part of the Danish NGO, DanChurchAid.

  • DanChurchAid (DCA)

    DCA's aim is to strengthen the world’s poorest people in their struggle for a life in dignity.
    DCA is rooted in the Danish National Evangelical Lutheran Church, but is active wherever we find the need is highest, regardless of religion, gender, political beliefs, race, national or ethnic origins, handicaps or sexual orientation.

  • The ACTlearn Partnership

    The ACTlearn Partnership is a learning community where we share knowledge and experience – all revolving around our common ACTlearn Learning Platform. All partners have their own part of the platform that can be used to create own courses and community.

  • Learning Lab

    Learning Lab is part of DCA but it also has a special relationship to the ACTLearn Partnership because our staff support the platform and learning design needs of its member organisations. Our skilled team can also assist through research, advise and production of capacity building and learning materials for other NGOs and like-minded organisations.

  • Our mission

    We want to change the way the humanitarian sector learns. With a global framework and global leadership producing content that is locally relevant, we can help many more people. Please contact us if you want to learn more about what we can do for your project.

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Our Amazing Team

The Learning Lab consists of 6 team members. See who we are below!

Simon Skårhøj

Head of Learning Lab

Christoffer Bengt

Technology and Production Lead

Gry Zierau

Creative Learning Designer

Kristine Vadskær

Senior Learning Advisor and Operational Lead

Stephanie Rahbek Simonsen

Learning Experience Designer

Tanja Holst Jensen

Project Manager

We want to change the way the humanitarian sector learns. With a global framework and global leadership producing content that is locally relevant, we can help many more people. Please contact us if you want to learn more about what we can do for your project.

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